Pathfinder – First of the Serpent World Series


PathfinderPathfinder, by Orson Scott Card (one of my favorite authors ever!), is the first book of Card’s new Serpent World series. As of yet, we do not know why this is the name of the series, but hopefully we find out in the second book, Ruins, which comes out this November.

Pathfinder is the story about Rigg, a young teenage boy who has a very unique ability: he can see the paths of all living things from the past all the way up to the present. Combined with the special talent of an unexpected friend, he is able to see into the past and even change it! The book starts off with Rigg trapping in the forest with his Father, as they did so often. However, Father’s sudden death leaves Rigg all alone, with the task of setting off on a quest to find his unknown sister, according to Father’s death wish. Along the way he must also find his own true identity and weed through lies to find the truth about seemingly everything in his life. Is he really only an ordinary poor boy spending each day just trying to survive? Or does he have a much greater destiny?

Meanwhile, at the beginning of each chapter is a tidbit of the story of Ram Odin, an intelligent space pilot with the responsibility of safely transporting a ship full of passengers to their new home planet. However, his undiscovered mental ability throws a interesting curveball into his plans…one that will affect the past, present, and future of this new planet and  just so happens to establish Rigg’s own purpose.

Two stories intertwine into one in Orson Scott Card’s exciting new novel Pathfinder. If you enjoy science fiction tinged with humor, you would definitely love this book, where Card’s creative imagination creates a new world thrown into the chaos of time, with only Rigg and Ram to help it.

And if you do read it or have read it, leave a comment! What do you think will happen next? What happens to Ram? Will Rigg be able to accomplish his even greater task? Let me know what you think!

As always, happy reading!


Angel – A Max Ride Novel – Book 7 coming Feb. 14!!


So, obviously, for all of us Maximum Ride fans out there, we only have a little less than a month to wait for the next book!!!! Of course, I have already mentioned this a few months ago, but guess what I found now? An excerpt from the story itself!

Here is the link to the first eight chapters.

We learn a lot of interesting new facts in this book, especially about Dylan and more of Max’s purpose. There is even a new generation of mutant kids! I don’t want to give everything away, though, so as always….

Happy reading! Hope you enjoy it!!! Come back and comment about it. What do you think about it all? And don’t forget – James Patterson’s new book comes out Valentine’s Day!

Til then, again, happy reading! :)


Inheritance Book 4 sneak peak!


Brisingr, the third book in Christopher Paolini’s Inheritance Cycle, has been out for some time now. I am sure Inheritance fans, including me, loved this book and are just dying for more. Paolini has been working on the 4th book for almost 3 years, but it feels like I’ve been waiting forever… I can’t wait for the fourth book!

Luckily, a little while ago, Brisingr was published in paperback format and in the back of the book, what do we find? A sneak peak of the 4th and final book of the Inheritance Cycle! I’ve posted it here for you so you don’t have to go out and buy it. :)

This is the 4th chapter of the 4th book. This is the work of Chistopher Paolini. I don’t mean to playgerize or anything. :) This is his copyrighted work; I’m just making it available for you. If he or the publisher request that I remove this post, I will. Hope you enjoy it and tell me what you think. The werecats prove to be very interesting….. Don’t forget to comment and tell me what you think!


King Cat

 “Where have you been?” demanded Garrow, the lines on his face harsh in the candlelight. “The horses need bringing in.”

Eragon did his best to ignore his waking dreams as he stood on the dais in the main hall of the keep, directly to the right of Lord Bradburn’s throne. He placed his left hand on the pommel of Brisingr, which was sheathed, and adopted a more casual pose, hoping no one would notice his exhaustion.

On the other side of the throne stood Jormundur, holding his helmet in the crook of his left arm. The hair at his temples was streaked with gray; the rest was brown, and all of it was pulled back into a long braid. His lean face bore the studiously blank expression of a person who had extensive experience waiting on others. Eragon noticed a thin line of red running along the underside of Jormundur’s right bracer, from some wound or another, but Jormundur showed no sign of pain.

Between the two of them sat Nasuada, resplendent in a dress of green and yellow, which she had donned just moments before, exchanging the bright raiment of war for garb more suited to the practice of statecraft. She too had been marked during the fighting, as was evidenced by the white linen bandage wrapped around her left hand.

In a low voice, so that only Eragon and Jormundur could hear, Nasuada said, “If we can but gain their support…”

“What will they want in return, though?” asked Jormundur. “Our coffers are near empty, and our future uncertain.”

Her lips barely moving, she said, “Perhaps they wish nothing more of us than a chance to strike back at Galbatorix.” She paused. “But if not, we shall have to find other means of persuading them besides gold to join our ranks.”

“You could offer them barrels of cream,” said Eragon, which elicited a chortle from Jormundur and a soft laugh from Nasuada.

Their murmured conversation came to an end as three trumpets sounded outside the main hall. Then a flaxen-haired page dressed in a tunic stitched with the Varden’s standard – a white dragon holding a rose above a sword pointing downward on a purple field – marched through the open doorway at the far end of the hall, struck the floor with the ceremonial staff he carried, and, with a thin warbling voice announced, “His Most Exalted Royal Highness, Grimrr Halfpaw, King of the Werecats, Lord of the Lonely Places, Ruler of the Night Reaches, and He Who Walks Alone.”

A strange title that: He Who Walks Alone, Eragon observed to Saphira.

But well deserved, I would guess, she replied, and he could sense her amusement, even though he could not see her where she lay coiled in the keep of the castle.

The page stepped aside, and through the doorway strode Grimrr Halfpaw in the shape of a human, trailed by four other werecats, who padded close behind him on large shaggy paws. The four resembled Solembum, the one other werecat Eragon had seen in the guise of an animal: heavy-shouldered and long-limbed, with short, dark ruffs upon their necks and withers, tasseled ears, and black-tipped tails, which they waved gracefully from side to side.

Grimrr Halfpaw, however, looked unlike any person or creature Eragon had ever seen. At roughly four feet tall, he was the same height as a dwarf, but no one could have mistaken him for a dwarf, or even for a human. He had a small, pointed chin, wide cheekbones, and, underneath unswept brows, slanted green eyes fringed with winglike eyelashes. In the front, his ragged black hair hung low over his forehead, while on the sides and back, it fell to his shoulders, where it lay smooth and lustrous, much like the manes of his companions. His age was impossible for Eragon to guess.

The only clothes Grimrr wore were a rough leather vest and a rabbit-skin loincloth. The skulls of a dozen or so animals-birds, mice, and other small game-were tied to the front of the vest, and they rattled against one another as he moved. A sheathed dagger protruded at an angle from under the belt of his loincloth. Numerous scars, thin and white, marked his nut-brown skin, like scratches on a well-used chair or table. And, as his name indicated, he was missing two fingers on his left hand; they looked to have been bitten off.

Despite the delicacy of his features, there was no doubt that Grimmr was male, not given the hard, sinewy muscles of his arms and chest, the narrowness of his hips, and the coiled power of his stride as he walked down the length of the hall toward Nasuada.

None of the werecats seemed to notice the people lined up on either side of their path, watching them, until Grimrr came level with the herbalist Angela, who stood next to Roran, knitting a tube sock with six needles at once.

Grimrr’s eyes narrowed as he beheld the herbalist, and his hair rippled and spiked, as did that of his four guards. His lips drew back to reveal a pair of curved white fangs, and, to Eragon’s astonishment, he uttered a short, loud hiss.

Angela looked up from the sock, her expression languid and insolent. “Cheep cheep,” she said.

For a moment, Eragon thought that the werecat was going to attack her. A dark flush mottled Grimrr’s neck and face, his nostrils flared, and he stared silently at her. The other werecats settled into low crouches, ready to pounce, their ears pressed flat against their heads.

Throughout the hall, Eragon heard the slither of blades being drawn from their scabbards.

Grimrr hissed once more, then turned away from the herbalist and continued walking. As the last werecat in line passed Angela, he took a surreptitious swipe at the line of yarn that drooped from her needles, just like a playful house cat might.

Saphira’s bewilderment was equal to Eragon’s own. Cheep cheep? she asked.

He shrugged, forgetting that she could not see him. Who knows why Angela does or says anything?

At last, Grimrr arrived before Nasuada. He stopped and inclined his head ever so slightly, displaying with his bearing the supreme confidence, even arrogance, that was the sole province of cats, dragons, and certain highborn women.

“Lady Nasuada,” he said. His voice was surprisingly deep, more akin to the low, coughing roar of a male wildcat than the high-pitched tones of the boy he resembled.

Nasuada inclined her head in turn. “King Halfpaw. You are most welcome to the Varden, you and all your race. I must apologize for King Orrin’s absence; he could not be here to greet you, as he wished, for he and his horsemen are even now busy defending our westward flank from a contingent of Galbatorix’s troops.”

“Of course, Lady Nasuada,” said Grimrr. His sharp teeth flashed as he spoke. “You must never turn your back on your enemies.”

“Even so? And to what do we owe the unexpected pleasure of this visit, Your Highness? Werecats have always been noted for their secrecy and their solitude, and for remaining apart from the conflicts of the age, especially since the fall of the Riders. One might even say that your kind has become more myth than fact over the past century. Why, then, do you now choose to reveal yourselves?”

Grimrr lifted his right arm and pointed at Eragon with a crooked finger topped by a clawlike nail, shocking Eragon out of his latest round of waking dreams, which had involved an Urgal, a dwarf, and a pair of swords made of ice.

“Because of him,” growled the werecat. “One does not attack another hunter until he has shown his weakness, and Galbatorix has shown us his: he will not kill Eragon Shadeslayer or Saphira Bjartskular. Long have we waited for this opportunity, and seize it we will. Galbatorix will learn to fear and hate us, and, at the last, he will realize the extent of his mistake and know that we were the ones responsible for his undoing. And how sweet that revenge will taste, as sweet as the marrow of a tender young boar.

“Time has come, human, for every race, even werecats, to stand together and prove to Galbatorix that he has not broken our will to fight. We would join your army, Lady Nasuada, as free allies, and help you achieve this.”

Whatever Nasuada was thinking, Eragon could not tell, but, for himself, he was impressed by the werecat’s speech, as was Saphira.

After a brief pause, Nasuada said, “Your words fall most pleasantly upon my ears, Your Highness. But before I can accept your offer, there are answers I must have of you, if you are willing.”

With an air of unshakable indifference, Grimrr waved a hand. “I am.”

“Your race has been so secretive and elusive, I must confess, I had not heard tell of Your Highness until this very day. As a point of fact, I did not even know your race had a ruler.”

“I am not a king like your kings,” said Grimrr. “For the most part, werecats prefer to walk alone, but even we must choose a ruler to lead us to war when we go.”

“I see. Do you speak for your whole race, then, or only for those who travel with you?”

Grimrr’s chest swelled, and his expression became, if possible, even more self-satisfied. “I speak for all of my kind, Lady Nasuada,” he purred. “Every able-bodied werecat in Alagaesia, save those who are nursing, has come here to fight. There are few of us, but none can equal our ferocity in battle. And I can also command the one-shapes, although I cannot speak for them, for they are as dumb as other animals. Still, they will do what we ask of them.”

“One-shapes?” Nusuada inquired.

“Those you know as cats. Those who cannot change their skins, as we do.”

“And you command their loyalty?”

“Aye. They admire us… it is only natural.”

If what he says is true, Eragon commented to Saphira, the werecats could prove to be incredibly valuable.

Then Nasuada said, “And what is it you desire of us in exchange for your assistance, King Halfpaw?” She glanced at Eragon and smiled, then added, “We can offer you as much cream as you want, but beyond that, our resources are limited. If your warriors expect to be paid for their troubles, I fear they will be sorely disappointed.”

“Cream is for kittens, and gold holds no interest for us,” said Grimrr. As he spoke, he lifted his right hand and inspected his nails with a heavy-lidded gaze. “Our terms are thus: Each of us will be given a dagger to fight with, if we do not already have one. Each of us is to have two suits of armor made to fit, one for when on two legs we stand, and one for when on four. We need no other equipment than that: no tents, no blankets, no plates, no spoons. Each of us will be promised a single duck, grouse, chicken, or similar bird per day, and, every second day, a bowl of freshly chopped liver. Even if we do not choose to eat it, the food will be set aside for us. Also, if you should win this war, then whoever becomes your next king or queen – and all who claim that title thereafter – will keep a padded cushion next to their throne, in a place of honor, for one of us to sit on, if we so wish.”

“You bargain like a dwarven lawgiver,” said Nasuada in a dry tone. She leaned over to Jormundur, and Eragon heard her whisper, “Do we have enough liver to feed them all?”

“I think so,” Jormundur replied in an equally hushed voice. “But it depends on the size of the bowl.”

Nasuada straightened in her seat. “Two sets of armor is one too many, King Halfpaw. Your warriors will have to decide whether they want to fight as cats or as humans and then abide by the decision. I cannot afford to outfit them for both.”

If Grimrr had had a tail, Eragon was sure it would have twitched back and forth. As it was, the werecat merely shifted his position, as if uneasy to be standing in one place for so long. “Very well, Lady Nasuada.”

“There is one more thing. Galbatorix has spies and killers hidden everywhere. Therefore, as a condition of joining the Varden, you must consent to allow one of our spellcasters to examine your memories, so that we may assure ourselves that Galbatorix has no claim on you.”

Grimrr sniffed. “You would be foolish not to. If anyone is brave enough to read our thoughts, let them. But not her,” and he twisted to point at Angela. “Never her.”

Nasuada hesitated, and Eragon could see that she wanted to ask why but restrained herself. “So be it. I will send for magicians at once, that we may settle this matter without delay. Depending on what they find – and it will be nothing untoward, I’m sure – I am honored to form an alliance between you and the Varden, King Halfpaw.”

At her words, all of the humans in the hall broke out cheering and began to clap, including Angela. Even the elves appeared pleased.

The werecats, however, did not react, except to tilt their ears backward in annoyance at the noise.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Movie


Who has seen the first part of the last book of Harry Potter yet? If you have, isn’t it awesome? Especially where they decide to split it…. Suspenseful.

Now I have seen all of the Harry Potter movies and but only read part of the books. I’m working on it! :) I am excited to see how the final battle between Lord Voldemort and Harry Potter will be portrayed. What are you most looking forward to in the conclusion of The Deathly Hallows?

Most of the time I ususally give a brief summary of books for those that haven’t read them, but many people have at least heard of Harry Potter and a little bit of what it is about. For the few who haven’t read them, at least try one book. It’s an amazing series! Did you know J. K. Rowling wrote the first chapter of the first book on a napkin in a restaurant?

Anyway, I really really liked this movie, especially going to see it with several of my friends. Most of it was about Ron, Hermione, and Harry searching for the horcruxes of Lord Voldemort, which are in essence fragments of his soul hidden in different objects. The trio also discover the existance of the Deathly Hallows – the Invisibility Cloak, the Resurrection Stone, and the Elder Wand. The Wand is the one that is desperately being sought after by Voldemort; however, he has to figure out who is in possession of it first…

You know, after all these years, I think I will be a little sad to see this series, in a way, “end”, won’t you? This July, the last movie will come out, finally completing the film collection of Harry Potter. At least movies are rewatchable and books re-readable! :) And if you aren’t that into reading books, well, on this blog you should discover at least one book or series that catches your interest (is it about books after all…and movies from books) and if not, at least try to find a good book to read somewhere. There are plenty for every taste. It’s like being on a adventure while staying in your chair or bed. My dad always says that, with a book, you’re never lonely. :) Yet most houses hardly have even TWO books in them. Sad, isn’t it? I practically have a whole library in my house. I know… nerdy. :) But hey, nerds make all the money these days.

Well, as always, happy reading! Or in this case, watching. :) Or maybe both…

I just read Hunger Games and LOVED it!


 Yup, sure did! I read the first book in two nights. (I like to read at night listening to my ipod or the radio playing. Try it! It really does help.) Now I am on the third book. (Yes, I did read the second. Those games ended really quickly….) Oh and I love the name Katniss. :) Anyway, I’m hoping this book will be the best one yet! Sometimes sequels are better and sometimes they aren’t. I know the first was waaayyyy better than the second. To me, it had more of a story. Several twists and plenty of action!

For those of you who don’t know, the Hunger Games is a trilogy about life after the fall of America basically. The land is reorganized and divided into 13 different districts that each supply a specific product or service and are controlled by the pompous Capitol city, located in today’s Rocky Mountains. However, the rest of the districts rebel due to the oppression from the iron-fisted rule of the rather quirky Capitol. Eventually, the Capitol squashes the rebellion and extinguishes District 13…

Katniss, a teenaged girl living in District 12, has grown up feeding on the hate eminating from all district citizens, especially at the time of the Reaping. One boy and one girl from each district are picked every year and forced to fight to the death in a specialized arena which is taped live and broadcasted throughout the whole nation. Katniss and her friend Gale are contemplating whether to either run away or spark a new rebellion when the Capitol commits a truly evil, hateful act…. Katniss’ little sister, Prim, is drawn for the reaping, officially pitting Katniss against the Capitol for good…..

For now, I won’t say what happens next so people can read it. :) It’s a great book!!! And don’t forget to come back and post about it – or any other book too! Well, happy reading!!!!!! Oh and happy new year! :)

Thank You All:) + Your Own Avatar


     Hey everybody! I’m amazed at how many people are reading my blog so far. :) THANK YOU everyone! I am sooo sorry I haven’t posted anything in a while… I was on vacation with my family. :) Anyway, I plan to continue reading and blogging about more books ASAP, and don’t forget you all can post too! I also hope someday we can start a major discussion about a very popular book or tons of books so leave a comment and let me know what your favorite book or series is. I’ll read it, too!

As always, thanks again for reading my blog… it’s still growing! :) And happy reading!

“The person who reads is the person that is never lonely or bored, but always diving into a new adventure at every turn of the page.” ~Anonymous

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Max Ride book 7!


James Patterson is a really busy guy. He’s writing a whole bunch of books from several different series all at the same time right now. My favorite of his series though is Maximum Ride. Fang, book six of the Max Ride series, was just recently released. I bought it the day it came out and read it in three hours… yeah, i was excited. Now I’m waiting for book 7! It’s a good thing he can keep these books coming, about one per year, so I don’t have to wait forever. :)

So far, Patterson is planning on Angel as the title of this book. (I wanted it to be called Iggy.) Not a whole lot is known about this book besides a general summary of the plot:

“In the seventh book in the bestselling series, evil scientists are still trying to convince Max that she needs to save the world, this time by providing the genetic link in speeding up the pace of evolution. Worse, they’re trying to convince her that her perfect mate is Dylan, the newest addition to the flock. The problem is that, despite herself, Max is starting to believe it. Fang travels the country collecting his own gang of evolved humans, but the two separate flocks must unite to defeat a frightening doomsday cult whose motto is Save the Planet: Kill the Humans. And this time, the true heroine, for once, might just be little Angel.”

(Just so you know, this is the work of James Patterson. I’m not meaning to plagerise or anything.) :)

Also, Angel is currently planned on being released February 14, 2011 (Valentine’s Day… sorta weird) in hardcover and one month later, March 14, in paperback.

I can’t wait! I hope we hear from Fang is that book though. It sounds like we will. I still don’t think he’ll be gone for long. And what about Dylan? How can Max start liking him? Of all people…or mutant bird kids… really… Fang is just awesome! :)

So, Max Ride fans (and if you’re not a fan because you haven’t ever read the books, check them out and read them), what do you think about book 7? Leave a comment and let me know! :)

Harry Potter and the Mysterious Ticking Noise


Ok, so this doesn’t really have anything to do with books…. but I think it’s sort of funny and a little random and kind of stupid. My friend showed me this a while ago, and I haven’t been able to get it completely out of my head. Sometimes I’ll be randomly singing it…. Anyway, if you haven’t seen it yet, you have to. :)


Harry Potter and the Mysterious Ticking Noise



Hey everyone! Sorry I haven’t been posting very often… School and everything have been keeping me busy.  For the rest of the school year, my goal is to post something every weekend. Of course, during the summer I’ll be able to post more often. :) As always, thanks for reading and commenting on my blog!

~ Also, don’t forget any of you can post something too. :) ~

Twilight favs


One of the most popular teen series is… Twilight! (Well, maybe for girls… Sorry guys.) Anyway, I’m not obsessed like some people (lol), but I do think it’s a good story. :) 

I’m wondering what everyone’s “Twilight favs” are… So what or who’s your favorite…

  • movie so far?
  • book?
  • Cullen (besides Edward)?
  • movie line?
  • scene (book or movie)?
  • Edward or Jacob?
  • vampires or werewolves?

My favs:

  • New Moon (Eclipse comes out in less than 80 days-yay!)
  • in the process of reading them:)
  • either Carlisle or Alice
  • “You can’t trust vampires. Trust me.” ~Edward Cullen
  • I don’t know.. there’s a lot…
  • Edward
  • werewolves (a little contradictory huh?)

So, once again, what are your favs?

*And don’t forget any I might have forgotten. :)